The Class

Prepare, Practice, Review
One-to-one learning at a time, place and pace designed to fit your busy schedule.

Intro App
Intro App

The learning starts before the session does, and continues long afterwards. Your teacher will prepare a class designed in response to your specific needs.

As soon as you book your class you’ll have access to notes and preparatory documents to help you get started.


The class is an active and participatory one-to-one tutorial that reflects your needs. You can request to learn something specific, or let the teacher decide.


Following on from each class you’ll receive a written report on your progress. And you can opt in to access a private video archive of your class so that you can review and revise as much as you need. If you’re preparing for an exam, we’ll also give you a full score card for each session.

Standards & Accreditation

We connect industry-leading standards with 10 years’ real-world workplace experience to deliver the best for our students.

Recognising your Progress
When you have completed a course with us and your teacher has verified that you are ready to change to a higher level, we will provide a certificate which details your achievements and level.

Setting the standard
Our academic standards are guided by the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR) and regulations from exam organisations in Ireland, Britain, USA, Canada, and Australia.

The Level Test
Our level test follows these guidelines and this helps you prepare for exams: TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, CPE or any Cambridge certificate.

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Built for you

If you’re sitting at a computer with a webcam, chances are that you already have all the technology you need to get started. We’ve built an amazingly simple to use system for requesting the time that suits you best, for sharing files in advance of your class and for getting the most out of your session.

Your Connection is Good!

Approved! Your system setup will work perfectly. You should book your no-risk first class now.

Once you’ve picked out your course, the classes from it will be added to your queue. All you need to do is request a time that suits for you to take the class. No credits will be taken from your account until a teacher has confirmed that they can take the class at the time you’ve requested.

The Right Start, Guaranteed

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll get you up and running straight away with our free online level test. The test should take no more than 40 minutes to complete, and will allow us to tailor the perfect course for your needs.

No-Risk First Class
We’ll start with a full session where you’ll get to see how we do things. During this class, we’ll work together with you to find the perfect course to match your needs. If you don’t feel you’ve improved your English by the end of the class, we’ll give you your money back. And if you start a course with us, we’ll credit your account with 50% of the cost of this first class.

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with a FREE level test

Questions? Check out our FAQ or get in touch — we are happy to help.

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