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At Connect with Language we provide you with the confidence and abilities you need to communicate effectively in English. Our teachers are experts in motivating you to develop your skills and confidence.

Our combination courses are created for your personal needs as a language learner. For example, you may want to learn some General English, Business English and some English for Special Purposes (Interview Preparation, Presentation Practice, Industry Specific). Together we complete a needs analysis, and then we create a course to suit your needs. 

Teacher feedback and weekly progress monitoring are also included to help you follow your performance and guide you to the next stage of learning.



In my job as a Merchandising Product Manager, I needed to improve my fluency, vocabulary and I also needed to improve my Business English skills: conference calls, negotiations etc. Connect with Language has been very effective in helping me work on the areas that required improvement. I absolutely recommend Connect with Language to my friends and family.


My objective was to improve my general English and thanks to these classes, as well as improving my grammar, I’ve expanded my vocabulary as well as gaining confidence in my speaking abilities. One of the main advantages of private classes is the flexibility when it comes to scheduling of classes, and how class times adapt to my busy schedule and this is one area Connect with Language is great!


As a lawyer, I needed to improve my speaking as it was my weak point in English. Charles´ has a great ability to generate conversation and find articles that are super interesting and enlightening. He´s also a well-educated and kind guy who adapts to your specific needs. Highlights: patience, understanding, creativity, knowledge, communication.
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Connect with Language is a platform for learning English via one-to-one video conferencing over the web. It’s built for students of all levels who want to learn, improve or master English.


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